Philips Dictation Software

The next step in digital dictation

In a fast-moving and fiercely competitive business world, connectivity is everything. Where would today's cutting-edge organizations be without the technology to tranfer data quickly and securely around the globe? The world of dictation has also had to move with the times, which is why Philips has developed its professional dictation and transcription software, specifically designed to increase efficiency and reduce document turnaround times.

Dictation and transcription software from Philips streamlines communication between author and transcriptionist with benefits such as the routing of dictation files to a predefined transcriptionist or job notifications to both, the author and the transcriptionist. Imagine being able to protect your data to avoid unauthorized access, or being able to relieve staff completely of manual file handling. It's a lot closer to reality than you think, thanks to digital dictation technology and workflow software from Philips.