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The best automated transcription software powered by cutting-edge AI

We have the most elegant way to transcribe, organize, and search your audio files. Transcription is now fast, accurate, simple, and affordable.

How it converts speech to text

Super fast transcription
The fully-automated and secure speech-to-text systems typically transcribe a 30-minute audio recording in 3-4 minutes.

Edit text in the browser
It's like an online word processor with the audio stitched to the text. Click on a word and the audio will play. Highlight, edit, comment, and share.

Tips to get the most accurate transcript:

1. Is the audio free from background noise?
2. Are speakers close to the microphone?
3. Are speakers talking one at a time?
4. Are speakers talking clearly?

For best results ensure you are using a high-quality meeting recorder

We use an online speech recognition together with our preferred and tested audio recording products. We assist with setting up your account and getting your solution up and running, as well as configured to achieve the best results.

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