Working Flexibly

Working more flexibly


New marketing and employee demands – not to mention a global pandemic – have changed the very definition of the workplace and the workday.

Whatever the impacting factors may be, companies that embrace flexible working options are poised to thrive and stay ahead of competitors in the future, as the state of the workplace continues to evolve. The right technology enablers can play an important role in supporting flexible work initiatives and positively impact any organization.

Mobility is key

One of the first pillars of workplace flexibility is creating the “anytime, anywhere” office, and that means utilizing tech solutions that offer the same robust capabilities at home or on the go as they do at a desk

Philips Professional Dictation devices are ergonomic, easy-to-use and small enough to fit into a bag or pocket, making working at the office, on the go or even from home simple and convenient.

With the launch of Philips SpeechExec Version 11, flexible working options are now easier than ever! Licenses are portable as they are assigned to individual users not to individual PCs - giving you the freedom to work from your desktop at work or a laptop off-site.

How can we help you be more productive?


Mobile Dictation

Philips have a range of Professional Dictation units that assist with day-to-day work of busy professionals needing a reliable, efficient dictation system , allowing them to simply work smarter!


Dictate and transcribe from anywhere! You no longer have to be office-bound to get your work done. Both parties can work from home or from other locations when desired, without compromising on delivery speed. This is especially helpful for medical professionals who might have multiple practices, legal professional with outsourced typists or other busy professionals who travel often for work.

Nuance Speech Recognition

If you have important dictations that need to be transcribed and your secretary is unavailable, why not make use of Dragon Speech recognition to assist you in getting your work done faster! Depending on your input device you can either record your dictations and then upload those into the software to be transcribed, or speak directly into your PC and watch your words turn to text as you speak!

SpeechLive - Be Productive on the Go!

Philips SpeechLive is your personal assistant in the cloud. The new dictation workflow service increases your productivity by allowing you to focus on your core business. You can now take full control of your entire dictation workflow, whether you are in the office or on the road. SpeechLive lets you upload, play and download dictation files, send them to your assistant or have them professionally transcribed using speech recognition software or a transcription service, which uses professional, industry-specific trained transcriptionists. Simply speak, send and you are done!
Meeting new needs for flexibility in the workplace doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult – there are easy ways to organically incorporate technologies that enable flexible work into current systems and workflows.

Let us show you how much more efficient and productive you can be!


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