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Philips offers dictation solutions perfectly tailored for the finance sector. Digital dictation helps busy finance professionals, in both the private and public sector, decrease their administrative workload and save time and resources. From front office employees in financial institutions, all the way to middle and back office, Philips dictation devices and workflow software help professionals become more efficient.

Time is money

Most finance professionals will agree that time is a very costly commodity. Philips dictation solutions help save clients resources by cutting the time spent on administrative tasks such as typing up emails and letters, documenting actions or forwarding instructions to their staff. The average person speaks seven times faster than they type. Reading one page takes approximately two minutes, compared to about fourteen minutes when typing. This means taking advantage of digital dictation creates time savings of almost 90%.


Highest security standards

Safety and security are fundamentally important in any financial institution. This is why Philips offers the highest possible file protection. The Pocket Memo voice recorder, or the brand-new SpeechAir smart voice recorder encrypt recordings in real time using the Advanced Encryption Standard algorithm. The devices themselves can also be assigned a PIN to protect them from unauthorized use.

Stunningly accurate voice recordings

In the finance industry even small errors may have serious repercussions. Audio quality is of highest importance. Thanks to innovative features such as the 3D Mic technology, files are recorded in crystal clear audio quality, even when dealing with background noise. This makes subsequent speech recognition or transcription by an assistant as accurate as possible. For those without transcriptionists, Philips SpeechLive offers the ultimate 360° workflow and transcription solution. Users can send their files from anywhere to be transcribed by professional real-life transcriptionists or the speech recognition service. 

The solution

philips dpm8200
Philips DPM8200 Professional Dictation Recorder
philips speechlive
Philips SpeechLive cloud dictation solution


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